Friday, July 24, 2015

Zentangle Prayers for Hayden and EIM - Energy (Positive)

This is my Zentangle Prayer tile for Hayden, a 3 year old girl who is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with Reticular Blastoma. Cari Sultanik (CZT 18) has created a Facebook page, Zentangle Prayers for Hayden for people to post their art and send their prayers and positive energy to Hayden and her family. There are so many wonderful submissions of love and support going out. Please check out the FB page for Hayden at or visit Cari's blog at to see more about creating positive art to support this beautiful little girl and her family.

This week's theme for Every Inchie Monday Challenge is "Energy."  My inchie has a small heart radiating out with positive energy and prayers for Hayden and her family.