Friday, January 30, 2015

This Week’s Diva Challenge #202: "DuoTangle: Chebucto vs Copada"

This week’s challenge at is to create a tile using just two tangles: Chebucto and Copada. Both of these tangles were designed by Margaret Bremner, CZT. Chebucto has an interlocking aspect within its pattern. Copada has the appearance of a wishbone shape pattern or what I like to think of as little Hershey Kisses. (Mmm .... chocolate!)

After practicing both patterns for a couple of days, I started combining them into one circular pattern. I think this may be called a tangleation? (Please let me know if that’s the right terminology or not.) I loved the look of the circular pattern and was inspired to create my tile for this week's Diva Challenge.

In my tile version of Chebucto, I used a mirrored “Copada” or an oval with points for my centers instead of diamonds as shown in Margaret’s original instructions posted on her blog, “Enthusiastic Artist.” Following Margaret’s third step in drawing Chebucto, I connected the “equidistant dots, above and below the diamond points” or in my tile the pointed ovals by outlining their shapes. Thus, I created a interlocking flowering petal pattern in which I decided to draw Copada within it. I created an aura of the inside flower shape and drew some more pointed ovals that ended up reminding me of seeds. I added varying size dots radiating out and surrounding the “seeds”. I embellished the pattern by filling in some shapes with fine curving lines. I thought this gave a real neat textural effect. I incorporated color by using a sepia Micron pen (.01 & .005) and a purple Micron pen (.005).

I really enjoyed drawing both patterns and am very pleased with the outcome of my tile. I’m definitely going to use these patterns again. Thank you so much Diva, aka Laura for the challenge and Margaret for her tangles!


  1. This is a beauty! I really love the center area with the freckles (not sure what you called them but they are way cool) and the color is amazing with the black and white. REally nicely executed!

  2. Thank you for telling us how you altered Chebucto. The color in this tile is great.

  3. I love this composition and it's coloring.

  4. That's absolutely gorgeous! So different. Love the dot pattern in the center, it really draws the eye in.