Sunday, September 27, 2015

Inchie "Myth" and Tangle on Something Unexpected!!

I finally got myself organized to do two creative art challenges! Woohoo! I've been trying to figure out this fall how to juggle working full-time, teaching Zentangle on Wednesday nights (which is super fun) and of course being there for my family. ;) 

I've missed participating in both the Every Inchie Monday challenge and the Diva's Weekly challenge. It's been way too long. They are always so much fun to do! Here are my entries.

This week's theme for Every Inchie Monday Challenge is "Myth." I decided to draw a flying broom, since one of my favorite holidays is coming up next month.  

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #236 is "Tangle on Something Unexpected!" 
I've seen other people tangle on leaves before and decided to try it out for myself. I'm really happy with my leaf. :) 

Hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful upcoming week. :)


  1. Wonderful leaf, you managed to get so many twngles on it. When I tried a lead I didn't have much room and I found it difficult making them show up. All those veins make it difficult to draw on.