Friday, December 18, 2015

Diva Weekly Challenge #248: "Give the Gift of Zentangle"

I can’t believe its been three months since my last post in October when I had tried to take part in the Inktober challenge. I thought I would draw and post each day, but it didn’t happen. Oh well, life gets hectic and you just have to keep on trying. ;) It’s been a crazy busy time of year for me. This fall was my first opportunity to teach  Zentangle classes at my local community art center, the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center (JDCAC) in Auburn, AL. It was amazing and lots of fun! But it was also very challenging to do while working full time and raising my family. Also, during the fall, I worked on my Zentangle inspired domino jewelry and art for our community’s 9th Annual Holiday Art Sale. It was lots of fun too, but now I’m ready for a Holiday break just like the Diva. 

This week’s Diva Challenge #248 is “Give the Gift of Zentangle!” The Diva was inspired by the gold heart series done by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. She created unique Zentangle gifts for her son’s teachers by creating gold hearts on bijou tiles and tangled around them. She placed the bijou tiles in ornament frames from Michaels. They look spectacular! Inspired by her approach, I tangled some bijou tiles of my own, but instead of gold hearts I did heart gems. There’s a great tutorial on how to create gems here. I gave my bijou tiles to a friend, who loves Zentangle as much as I do!

Hope you enjoy them. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year’s! :)

Diva Challenges #248

My booth from the Holiday Art Sale


  1. What a great idea: gemstone hearts! These are really beautiful!

  2. Those hearts are so lovely! I'm inspired to try a few of my own. Thanks for sharing them with us;-) Happy Holidays

  3. So beautiful! I wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful! Those gems are so fun.